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‘HINDLABS’ Diagnostic Centre is a Brand of HLL Lifecare Limited (HLL) a public sector company under the administrative control of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India.
HLL’s large marketing network has been delighting its customers over the last two decades. Servicing 200000 retail outlets, covering 3500 hospitals, reaching over 30000 medical professionals, it has over 2800 stock points, 700 frontline team members placed in every town, with offices in all metros and mini metros, and reaches over 400000 villages in India. HLL is also one of the leading social marketing organizations in the country in the area of contraceptives - with a market share of over 70 percent in the rural and semi-urban markets. On the global front, HLL brands today reach more than 115 countries.

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‘HINDLABS’ with strength of “Better coverage & one of the best quality of Diagnostic Services” at each & every City + Village of Maharashtra We are now exploring the benefit to Private market by providing quality service at affordable cost.

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